Greek Corpus


Early Byzantine historians, including in particular Procopius, Agathias, Menander the Guardsman and Theophylact Simocatta, paint a picture of the Sasanian king of the kings Khusro I. Their reports often contain information for which they are our only source.

Among the texts produced in greek about this period, two are of main interest; they have been composed by christian authors in and out the sasanian empire:

  • The History of Šīrēn (d. 559), BHG 1637, which was previously written in syriac

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  • The De gestis in Perside (CPG III 6968), a Religious Discussion at the Court of the Sassanids (Anonymous)

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  • Greek text of the De gestis in Perside available here.
  • French translation of the De gestis in Perside by Pauline BRINGEL available here.
  • English translation of P. Bringel’s work by Andrew EASTBOURNE available here.